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Hyuuga Prince Sand Princess FC
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Favourite cartoon character: Temari and Neji
Hello all and welcome to the Neji and Temari club! Isn't it just the best? *giggles* I really love those two togther and they've lots in common too. The founder is me:  :iconmoonlitviolin: so please visit my gallery. :D

October 4th: New Member! Welcome to :iconneko-melina: :heart:
September 12th: New Member and art! Welcome to :iconkanashimiwoyasashimi: :heart:
Also I thought up a contest! Yay! How about what their kid would look like/act like comics or anything applies.
July 3rd: New Artwork! ^^ Come on people get to joining and I'm allready thinking of a contest, yup yup! Also 6 new affiliates
July 7th: HOMG! 6 more affiliates! :o A New member along with more art! :iconeternaldelusion:

:heart: How to join :heart:

1. You MUST Like/love Neji/Tema :heart:
2. You must send a NOTE with "Join" in Subject.
3. Put : iconnejixtemari : or : devnejixtemari : without the spaces on yours journal
4. And you are in. ^_^

:heart: How to send Neji/Temari art or story :heart:

1. If you have any Neji/Temari art or storys in your gallery, you must send me a note with "ART" or "STORY" in a subject and you must add a link to this pic in the note
2. And I will add this pic into our fanclub

Well, now that you know the rules let to explain why I have founded this club:

Who is Temari?: :heart:
Temari is a badass and headstrong I'm-not-taking-crap-from-anyone type of girl from Naruto. She's also Gaara and Kankuro's older sister, the daughter in turn of the Kazekage of the village hidden in the sand and therefore a princess too. Though she's a princess she doesn't act like the title and kick anyone's butt and she was the only girl in the Chuunin exam for the finals and beat Tenten in less than 5 minutes.

:heart: Who is Neji?:
Neji Hyuuga is a boy genius. Top fighter in his squad and quite possibly the village. Being a member of the lesser house of the Hyuuga clan he believes he is bound by and unchangable destiny, and therefore lives his life without fear, but with life as well. He is also a charachter from Naruto.

:heart: Why Temari and Neji?: :heart:
Temari takes no crap from anyone, and Neji is as strong in body as Temari is in personality, they balance each other well, one giving the other strength where other does not have it; Temari giving Neji something to live for, and Neji giving Temari abit of manly attention. They are a couple of the air, after all, all bird need the wind to fly.

CONTESTS: :heart: NEW CONTEST! :heart: end date to be announced!

How about what their kid would look like/act like comics or anything applies. XD

Winner gets art from :iconhellzmessiah: So get them brains a thinking people and be creative becuase creatvity is the best. x3

:heart:… By Hellzmessiah
:heart:… ((Inked)) By eternaldelusion
:heart:… ((Colored)) By eternaldelusion
:heart:… ((Comic)) By KanashimiwoYasashimi
:heart:… ((Comic)) By KanashimiwoYasashimi

MEMBERS LIST: :iconhellzmessiah: :icondarkonejuranitu: :iconmoonlitviolin: :iconkunoichi-kitty: :iconeternaldelusion: :iconkanashimiwoyasashimi: :icon

AFFILIATES: :iconnaruto-directory: :iconsand-family-fanclub: :iconkankuroxtentenfc: :icondesertheat: :iconkankuroxtenten: :iconthehyuugaclan: :iconnaru-ino-fc: :iconitachifanclub: :iconkibaclub: :icon3sennin: :iconsakunaru: :iconnarutocouplessupport: :iconantishikatemafc: :iconbug-boy: :iconnaruto-gurls-rock: :iconsai-fc: :iconyondaime-fan-club: :iconkakashi-fansclub: :iconkibaxhinataclub: :icongaara-x-temari-club:

Non-Naruto Affiliates: :icontwlightfire: :iconheartsofthekeyblade:

If you wish to affiliate note the club with "Affiliate" in the title and we'll list you. ^_^
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BattlerxAnge Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
oh cool c:
i'm an uber big fan of NejiTema ♥
writtings-r-us Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
Yes, a club for this pairing! Weird how it works, but we fangirls/boys love it. Can I join? (sorry, I'm not sure if I have to ask or what ^^; )
FireLorD74 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
Temari is much better than neji...
they can't be together!!!
Phantom-Artist525 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
I'd like to join. I see Neji working better with Temari than Shikamaru, mostly because they'd look more like they could end up together like married and stuff. I couldn't see Gaara as Shikamaru's brother in law but oddly I can with Neji, since the Hyuuga clan is kinda screwed up with how they treat each other and Gaara's family life flat out sucked. I wish they'd make NejixTemari official...
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